A New Conceptual Outdoor Stay Breaking the Borders of Camping


The LODGE site borrowed abstract forms that can only be seen in Jeju, such as Radiation Tower, Yantai, and Jaddam. It features original design such as placement ideas and materials found in Jeju stone tombs, and colors in harmony with the surroundings. AROUND FOLLIE's identity is represented by four types of rooms: Loft, Twin, Suite, and Pool Villa. 

There is a private deck in the lodge that is open to Jeju's nature, and you can sit on the deck feeling warm sunshine, and lie down on the hammock and be vacant. The living room space where the scenery of Jeju comes in with a wide window can feel the sensibility of camping. The leather band, wooden shelves, felt-made origaisers have a variety of books and accessories, and the music of selected CDs enriches the space. Kitchens and dining spaces are set up with camping style tableware.



It was essential to create volatility and flexibility in the nature of Jeju Nansan-ri. We needed a strategy to realize sustainability. Inspired by the Lavillet Park Poly (FOLLE) in Bernard Chumi, we have prepared a plan to achieve organic harmony without artificially building a huge building where the uphill mountain is located in Jeju Island. AROUND FOLLIE was designed with abstract forms such as stone pagodas and stone tombs in harmony with ascension, ideas found in stone tombs, radiation towers, ages, and pine trees that can only be seen in Jeju.